"Uncomfortably Numb"

I see with my eyes wide open
Yet I don’t see your suffering
I hear your cry of agony
It’s just another sound to me

I see the plea in your eyes
Yet my eyes remain vacant, stony
I sense the urgency in your need
Yet I remain unmoved

I see the tears in your eyes
Yet I glance away, staring at the empty sky
I see a human trampled and crushed
I am glad, it wasn’t me

I see the blood splattered around
I’ve seen worse on reality TV
I’ve seen the way you lie
Broken, grotesque, disfigured

I don’t have the time to stop and stare
I just don’t have the time to spare
I don’t have the means to lend you a helping hand
Or is it that I just don’t really care?

Auteur: bittersweet (MVJ Simon) op maandag, 28 sep 2009
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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