"Return of the Ill Pilgrim"

I hope this is it for tonight for me to finally get my sights off
Say goodnights and sleep right after I take my socks off
But there is something I want to speak on, Site em deceased on white sheets
There is something in it for you to seek
When it kicks off you'll see
okay.. here is how it unfolds.

Is it not annoying when I am saying all that brag,
knowing no one gives a fuck about what I got in my bag?
That thought, plus the critiques
started weighing on my shoulders,
when they are constantly chirping like crickets in my ears
Got my faith fall gently, got me feeling like I am draining from inside,
like blood dripping from throat by a Dracula cut
or that dramatical act, tactical serial killer Hannibal Lecter
On hunt for my career
I was falling back in reverse, it could have gotten worse
But then something spectacular occurs,

A few words text from a succeeding artist Alex
Something about my verses must have caught his attention
The fact that,
He spent his time and senses, its hard to put it in few words or sentences but,
He read between the lines, didn't just skim through it
That's as clear as i can define it in a six-syllable rhyme
I appreciate the decency in him, and i thank him for being an inspiration
Guess he knew i needed some motivation to reenter the pen game
Its Return of The Ill Pilgrim, my incarnation.
See, that shit is the same as on every other day
They will critique you on your backs if not on your raps
Then why should I lose my will, or will I?

I am in the mood to doom myself with the demon
its a full moon night recruitment
Must be a fool if you thought I will be done that soon
Nah, I was just on snooze ha ha
and the time's up now
Alarm! send the news to my foes, tell them hoes that I am back on my toes
Its the end of those who supposed my chapter closed
I won't stop until I froze their heartbeat, put them on pause
I swing words like sword
I am a sorcerer on purge, on purpose to dispose off their corpses
And I don't care about props anymore
I guess that's only one way to the top in hip-hop
I can't start dropping pop albums to get props
Sorry to its believers
I don't see any pros and cons in it cuz
to me, that shit is plain cons (corns) popping like popcorns
I don't hate it for those who do it, but i don't.. I can't see myself in that group
Understand it or oppose it, that's for you to choose

Auteur: owais (Owais Tahir) op zondag, 13 dec 2020
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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