"It’s just that I am more human"

I can sense the distaste in your stare

The way you look away when you see

I sense arrogance in the way you move

Away from me, always at arm’s length

I see through your false smile

That stops at your lip, eyes so cold

I know that you don’t like me

But yet you pretend, that we belong

I sense that you just tolerate

It’s part of your manners, your class, your breed

You pretend so well, my dear friend

But sometimes, these masks, they slip away

Just because you’re light, your pigments so bright

You think you’re a finer man

It is not so, just an accident

It goes deep, more than skin, if you must know

Just because you brag a lot

And announce to the world that you’re so hot

It doesn’t mean a thing, my dear friend,

Maybe I just like to be cool and so quiet.

Just because you speak another tongue

It’s just another language, my dear friend

You forget it’s a tool our forefathers made

Just so we can be friends, my dear friend.

Just because you possess a lot

It really won’t make you a better man

Maybe you have been more greedy

And you collected more, my dear friend

Just because I’ve been mute

Just because I like to be quiet

Just because I am so silent

Just because I am more gentle

It doesn’t mean I am a lesser man in any way

Nor am I a lesser woman.

It’s just that I am more human

Auteur: bittersweet (MVJ Simon) op donderdag, 20 nov 2008
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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