Pizza, Pasta, Gelato
The tastings of any foe,
Creating it was long ago,
As there are people who bow so low,
For Pizza, Pasta, Gelato.

Corn, Potato, Pecan
These foods give you so much fun,
All the tastings of piquant,
Some people I guess dance can can,
For Corn, Potato, and Pecan.

Wurst, Chockoladen, Marzipan
Maybe you ate these with a bun,
You can eat them, rain or sun,
Several people are on the run,
For Wurst, Chockoladen, Marzipan.

Anari, Soujoukas, Halloumi Cheese
Could you give me some more please?
I can't wait, I want all of these!
Some people want to tease,
For Anari, Soujoukas, Halloumi Cheese.


Gelato: Ice cream
Wurst: Grilled Sausage
Anari: Mixed sheep and goat cheese
Halloumi: Mixed sheep and goat cheese
Chockoladen: Chocolate
Soujoukas: A candy made of juice and nuts.

Auteur: DinoTroll op dinsdag, 6 mrt 2018
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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