"Excuse Us Please!"

Excuse Us Please!

Extended is an apology from a little fluffy heap
To ever voracious and stinking greedy sheep
To ever leaking sapful horses which love to peep
Sheep are pressed aching enough to squeeze out
The horse lays aground to sneeze the culprit sap out
An abortion, as all the horses are to enter the hell
The Desert dog is around, now who will cat the bell
Waiting half the life to fill the tempting and oozing hell
Knowing nothing the horse wastes all the precious jewel
Rendered now they are, fatigued, emptied and hollow
Virtues are staked and the heinous sins are to follow
Repeated invasion of the beasts is in offing and inevitable
Mistakes are repetitive to be stubborn and are not amendable
Starved the horse is nothing much valuable to gain
The luxuries are expired and insipid leading to a pain
Shackled is the stallion asking for a nourishing rain
Chocked are the passages to escape nothing much to drain
Insanity took the toll now calves must be aware and sane
Pendant is lying the unwilling and a alienated sapless log
Playfully galloping horse is now a miserable pooch for a jog
Libido is locked and the vibrating vigor is no more
Thrown are at the periphery, who were once at the core
The chief is busy playing with the geese
A horse is a horse, excuse us please!
The life is strange Ekin, down at its knees


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Auteur: kundalini48 op zaterdag, 7 feb 2009
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