"Catch me"

When you've hit rock
bottom you're completely
totally empty inside

You have a boyfriend
but you're not sure
if you're in love
these are the emotions that you try
to hide

If you even hint at
your own happiness
they use words like
swords and knives

They stab at the chinks
in your armor
make sure there's no
more happiness left in
your saddened eyes

If they saw me alone
puffy eyes with tear
stained cheeks would they care

Saw the pain I cause myself
If I was to scream and
cry would they stop to do
anything but look at me

They'd stare and laugh
tearing at your heart
wild beasts looking for
their next meal

They spring and they
attack without even asking
how you feel

With him next to me
I feel safe and I feel
He brings out something
deep inside me
What? I'm not sure

I'm small and frail
without him
a pointless meaningless

So please don't ever
leave me we can make
it through it all
If not for the fact that I
love you then because I need you

I need you to be there
to catch me if I fall

Auteur: pipeyOloo op woensdag, 13 aug 2014
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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