When the wondrous rounds of applause fades
When thinning crowds turn their backs and slink away
When it’s your time to call it a day
In the blackest of the nights

You know you are alone, just the way you arrived

When weary eyes long to be shut tight
And a dull ache spreads across your chest
When you don’t care enough to pretend
And cast aside the well worn mask

You know you’re alone, just the way you’ve been

When you shut the world out and remain inside
Content with little remnants of a life gone by
When the thrills of achievement and the joys of living
Seem hollow as words of empty praise

You know you’re alone, and you like it more

When you know you cannot win
In that one last race against time
Wake up to a day that really counts
Maybe you could pull out a surprise

Face it, you’re all alone.

There’s no rewind, no looking back
The clock ticks on, going on and on
Round and round, time after time
The circle of life, unwinds

Alone you came, and alone you will go.

Auteur: bittersweet (MVJ Simon) op woensdag, 27 mei 2009
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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