"The Big Man With The Affluent Cigar"

I hear the exciting conversation of the city
But I feel the aura of humanity
It shows the depleting need to succeed and concede in a brevity
The men and women stand in long lines, so I pity
As the holiday goes by I feel this way
The true meaning of almost every holiday

As the greed of the Christmas shoppers may stay
The next holiday will unfortunately decay
Into the charcoaled cloud with costly dismay
The burnt smell of industrial smoke in which is greed
Will drown America for this is the prophecy

For the great holidays of the year
Are businessmen scamming that holiday cheer
For money and riches in form of toys
For advertising signs and commercial ploys
Beyond Santa Claus and shopping sprees
Family is the one that speaks to me

Auteur: evan4 (Evan Schweitzer) op donderdag, 24 mrt 2016
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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