Sometimes I wonder how far I can throw up my heart and my mind
Where will they go? What will they find?
How far will they have traveled just to come back to me?
Could you explain all that you saw before you decided to flee?

Sometimes I know that what you say won't be enough
It will always hurt more when you tell me you'll be tough
I don't understand why you need to assure me even when I know I'll be fine
Because I know deep in my heart that you'll always be mine

Sometimes I feel like I'm nothing at all
I get trampled on, I'm the definition of small
People walk upon me all day and all night
But what they don't understand is that I will fight

Sometimes I hope that things will stop hurting
But until then, everyone's eyes will be averting
I hate that I can't stop them now
I guess I should end this so, ciao

Auteur: LoliCattNCreepyEster op woensdag, 28 nov 2018
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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