"Pangs of loss"

Biting into the innards

Eating me alive

The bitter truth about life

Ebbing slowly away

Moving toward the grave

Elements beckon

Fire, water, wind and earth

Clamoring for the remains

The truth mocks at me

Man’s follies and travesties

Keep him busy till last

While his soul yearns to be free

Hoping for a life better next time

Pining to meet beloved ones

While this life ebbs slowly away

Moments filled to brim with madness

When you waste this life given

And chase all glories in vain

When your children lie in wait

For your caress and presence

Isn’t it time you lived first?

This life you’ve been blessed

Or squander it all away

And wait for a glorious life next

Auteur: bittersweet (MVJ Simon) op vrijdag, 28 mrt 2008
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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