"One Hard Nut"

I was blown away by the wind
And landed on the worst surface you’d imagine

When I broke out of my shell and looked around
All I could see was a desolate grey

Hard and cold, the place was tough
No food to eat, neither water nor sun

Energy drained, I had to push
Buried in the darkness, I yearned for light

Somewhere within, perhaps my genes
I had to break free, I knew I should

Day after day, I kept pushing
And one morning, a ray fell on me

Enveloping me with a warm glow
I felt energy renewed

I knew the path was right
I just had to use all my might

Frail I was, weak and small
And my foe, mighty and strong

I kept at it, day after day
Till one morning, I saw the light

The surface cracked, a minute one
I knew I had won

The task became lighter
Once the concrete gave way

I know the secret now
Just keep doing what you must

And one day, the light will fall on you
And make you grow, come what may

Auteur: bittersweet (MVJ Simon) op donderdag, 16 aug 2007
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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