"Once again"

Once again
I can’t believe my eyes
I still can’t believe he is here
Holding my hand and calling me dear
Purposely saying the most lovely word on earth
The most gorgeous word “I love you”
Knowing that I would smile and kiss his lips
Like how I always used to do
And then I would just like that forget everything
If he left without even saying goodbye
For the fourth time
He did it again

I always cried secretly like a kid
For that kind of behavior
But never questioned him even once
But this time it won’t be the same

It will be his turn now to cry
I won’t care what he will go through
What I will only believe
What goes around comes around

Copyright © Zainab 2007

Auteur: girlish op dinsdag, 16 okt 2007
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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