Nature is the outside and in
It’s all of us; you, me, your kin
It’s luscious fresh cut fields of green grass everywhere
The seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall
Nature is walking on dirt
The air we breathe
It’s all the trees, sticks and leaves
Nature loves us even when we don’t love it back
Yet nature is being destroyed everyday
Chop! Chop! The trees fall limply to the ground
Lifeless they lay, no happiness, only gray
Habitats ruined, lives lost
Where forests once were there is nothing, not even a sound
Why are people doing this
Has nature not given enough
Nature gave us life
So put away your ax and your knife
Enjoy the clean water and fresh air
Until it is too late
And suddenly on that terrible date
The forest will give a good fight
But it will be no longer full of light.

Auteur: jill68 (Jill Twede) op zondag, 19 feb 2017
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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