"For you"

i wrote this poem especially for you,
to prove that my love for you is true.
never shall i kiss someone else's lips,
never will we make any boring trips.

i would rather have u then a million bucks,
or than a mansion, no matter how deluxe.
i think we are the perfect match,
you are the greatest catch.

Samantha you mean so much to me,
i never knew this could be.
you are my sweetheart day by day,
i hope you will never go away.

this heart of mine is for you, i hope you will like it,
i am dying to see your reaction, that i will admit.
bye bye, my love,
remember all i said above.

Auteur: jacob op woensdag, 13 feb 2008
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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