"A Walk along the Lakeside"

Walking along the lakeside
Sweet mist in the air
Clouding my vision
I see no reason to look afar

Time stands still
Moments so precious and rare
Watch stops to stare
Wondering why the slave smiles

The tang of pepper
Coffee blooms and cardamom
Overpower the smell of wet earth
Moist with a light drizzle

The crunch of gravel below my boots
Creaking crickets and whispering wind
Raindrops drumming on red tiles
Green with moss and algae

I walk up the path into the forest
Tall giants of trees block my way
An umbrella gifted by God himself
As I sit in calm under its shade

The raindrops display valor
As they rage and thunder
Lightning flashes strike terror
And thunder roars with a deafening voice

I hunch myself and tuck my legs in
As I wait for the rain to subside
Strange that it’s dry around me
A circle of warmth from above

As I look up through the dense foliage
I see the sun emerge through the clouds
Droplets dripping from freshly washed leaves
Lazily, wondering whether to leap or not

The rays reach through the rustling leaves
Leaving shadows ever-changing
Whistling the wind blows again
Ruffling my neatly combed hair

I get up slowly from my resting place
I have to go, though I wonder why
I have to make a living in the city
While losing this life I’d rather have

Auteur: bittersweet (MVJ Simon) op dinsdag, 21 okt 2008
Licentie: Copyright, Alle rechten voorbehouden
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