"Find My Way"

i wait in the cold trying to find my way. Talking to my self, don't confuse me with being crazy. Yes im antisocial no its not because im just lazy. Its because im afraid. Afraid the world wouldn't be amazed. With the words i say. When i come out my shell im pushed back in by the venomous words that u say and stay in my head on replay. I just wait , wait till the day. That one day , the special day , i find my way. Its shivering cold. Ugh how i hate the cold. One more step maybe i can find it. 'it'. As in the way im trying to find. Its very unknown but i feel find it. As ive said, i wait to find my way. Haha, you laugh because i have hope, faith, thinking your judgement can just take away all my hard work and waiting and shivering , knock me down , not forever. wont stay down (White Flag by Sabrina Carpenter.) So i steal try, try to find my way. Oh one day. Ill find my way.

Auteur: talkaboutit op zaterdag, 10 mei 2014
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